70's Knit

70s knit collection
Introducing a new texture, feel and form of swimwear - Inspired by the 70s when bikinis weren't just made from the old standard Lycra fabrics.
We have threaded together our unique super stretch lycra cotton blend yarn to form vintage cuts and colours that mould to your body and stretch comfortably over your salty sandy skin.
Not only will you stand out on the beach, but you'll be as comfortable as can be. 
This form of swimwear is unique to Tacoola and we are so excited to bring to you the start of a new evolution of bikinis.
Your bikini will keep perfect shape in the water and stretch back into place after drying.
It has great longevity and will remain in excellent condition.
They are a knit so will hold some water but dry super fast in the sunshine with fibers stretched out over the body.

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